Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems remove chlorine and sediments from your water supply so you have great tasting, good quality water in your home.

Filtration is particularly helpful for people with compromised immune systems or sensitivities that can be irritated by chlorine, bacteria, and other contaminants regularly found in drinking water.

What Do Filtration Systems Remove?

While water suppliers process and filter water to ensure that it’s safe for consumption, chlorine and filtration systems may not be sufficient to kill off the coliform bacteria, giardia lambia, cryptosporidium and other bacteria. Your water may also contain naturally-occurring iodine or fluoride, and the chlorine which has been added for your safety can also cause irritation and affect the taste of your water.

The pipes that transport your water supply can also contaminate it with rust, lead, and other heavy metals which affect the taste and may have an impact on your health.

What are the Benefits?

  • Clean, healthy water on tap
  • Removes potentially harmful impurities
  • Save money (no more bottled water)
  • Some filters stop limescale
  • Eliminates the use of slow, clumsy filter jugs
  • Can use filtered water for all food preparation and drinking needs


Our Water Filters

Micro-Pure Single Carbon Water Filter


  • Carbon block filter
  • Twist lock head
  • Filter cartridges that you can change yourself

The single filter option is an ultra-efficient carbon block that filters drinking water to reduce chlorine and odour so that you have great-tasting      water and greater clarity. This filter also protects your taps from limescale build up and prolongs the life of your appliances.

 Micro-Pure Duo Sediment and Carbon Water Filter




  • Carbon block filter
  • Secondary sediment filter
  • Twist lock head
  • Filter cartridges that you can change yourself

The duo sediment and carbon filter option has the same benefits as the single filter due to the carbon block, but also has a sediment filter for even more effective filtration. This second filter removes dirt, rust, and sand particles in your drinking water.

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Kinetico Water Filters


Kinetico’s water filters fit under the kitchen sink and do not require electricity to work. Instead of relying on a tap-mounted filter, the filtration system is hidden in a cupboard and you can simply use your tap to receive filtered, deliciously clean water in your kitchen. AquaTaste is one of the few carbon filters to be independently tested and certified to NSF International Standards, and the ‘twist and lock’ system means that changing filters is incredibly easy.

Kinetico AquaTaste Water Filter


  • Taste
  • Odour
  • Chlorine
  • Sediment

Dimensions: H 425mm x D 100mm x W 155mm

View AquaTaste Brochure

Kinetico AquaScale Water Filter


  • Taste
  • Odour
  • Hard Minerals (Limescale)
  • Chlorine

Dimensions: H 410mm x D 100mm x W 155m

The AquaScale drinking water filter is specifically designed to remove limescale and impurities from drinking water. Like Kinetico’s other filters, it fits under the kitchen sink and uses an easy ‘twist and lock’ mechanism to change filters. You only need to change the filter cartridge when you notice limescale returning to your kettle.

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Kinetico AquaGuard Water Filter


  • Independently Certified Filter
  • Easy Filter Metering System
  • Extra Protection
  • 1 Micro Block Carbon Filter

Unlike many carbon filters, AquaGuard has been independently tested and certified to NSF International Standard 42. The PureMometer filter life indicator lets you know when your filter needs replacing, while the carbon filter removes sediment, chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, lead, and cysts from the water.

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