Benefits of Soft Water

Softened water provides a range of benefits throughout your home, from cleaning to your household finances.

Softer Skin

There are fewer irritants in softened water and no residue after the water has evaporated so your skin feels softer after a bath or shower. It also helps to wash off shampoo build up so you have softer, more manageable hair.

Lower Expenses

Soft water provides a better lather than hard water and washes more efficiently. That means that you spend up to 50% less on toiletries and cleaning products. Soft water will also work to remove the build-up of limescale on your boilers and pipes, which will reduce your maintenance costs in the long term.

More Time

Independent studies have shown that people with water softeners save time when cleaning, compared to people with hard water. When washing with hard water, a lot of time is spent buffing or cleaning to remove the white residue. Water softeners mean that you can skip that step entirely and still enjoy a brilliant shine on glasses and a clean finish on any surface.

Less Maintenance On Water Based Applicances 

The build-up of limescale can dramatically shorten the life of Irons, Kettles, Showers, Dishwashers, and other water-based appliances. Removing that build up or simply preventing it from building in the first place can preserve your appliances so they last longer.

A Better Looking Home

Softened water reduces streaking and spotting when washing the car, surfaces, or dishes without the need to buff or rub off the streaks.

More Efficient Heating

Removing limescale also improves the efficiency of heating systems and elements. Just 1.6mm of limescale build up around a heating element can reduce heating efficiency by 12%. As the scale build up increases, the efficiency losses increase too – a 2009 study by the Water Quality Association concluded that homes with untreated hard water suffer an average heat efficiency loss of 30%.

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