All of our testimonials are from our Checkatrade and review centre pages and are written by our customers.


07/01/2016 msReilly357 –

“Two years ago I was struggling to find a company to replace the waste pipe to my water softener that mice had chewed a hole in! After some investigations I found out Capital Softeners had installed the softener for the previous property owner. The Boss came out & replaced the section of pipe very efficiently with minimal fuss. A few months ago I realised that the water softener wasn’t working properly & needed to be replaced after 18 years. Capital Softeners gave me a quote for supplying & installing a suitable replacement softener which I decided to accept. I felt more comfortable getting a company who knew the piping configuration & could do the whole job rather than going out to buy a softener and finding that it wouldn’t suit the existing set up & also having to find a plumber to install it. A Nuwave MD160 was installed within a couple of hours with little fuss or disruption. So far I have been very happy with the new softener. Based on my experience using the services of Capital Softeners I would recommend them.”


Alvarado287 –

“Very good service, helpful and pleasant fitter. Softener is working well and I am very pleased with it.”


01/12/2015 AndiedeR-

“Capital Softeners were brilliant from start to finish. I called to enquire about a whole house filter, which is an usual request in the UK, as most people are interested in just softening the water. I had previously talked to a couple of other companies and they were not really very helpful.
Capital Softeners came back to me and said that they could possibly fit a Kinetico whole house system but would have to come and have a site visit. They came, were on time, knowledgeable and professional. I ordered not only the whole house system but a RO system for drinking water in the kitchen. They quickly sent us a quote and we had an appointment within a few days, they installed the whole thing in less than a day. They again were professional, clean and you felt that you were in good hands.
I am so delighted with the quality of the water in my house now, with softened water you use a lot less washing powder and detergent of any kind, so I feel that within a few years just from this fact alone the system will pay for itself. Not to mention no more red eyes after a shower, cleaner feeling hair and my skin is not dry anymore.
I am really pleased with the reverse osmosis system that we have had fitted in the kitchen, Capital Softeners were great, it was a bit of an awkward space under the sink and the tap was installed very neatly. The water tastes better than any mineral water I have ever tasted and no more plastic bottles. I make my own fizzy water in a soda stream machine! This is the ultimate luxury and I don’t recommend companies very often but I would highly recommend Capital Softners, they are a family run business and the service was second to none!!!”


30/11/2015 Cerciphyllum –

“Capital Softeners were so professional from start to finish. The fitting of the Kinetico Softener was carried out in a very short time and with absolutely no mess or fuss – and the guys cleaned up afterwards. We are so pleased with the softener, we should have had one long ago. Cleaning bathrooms and kitchen takes half the time and half the amount of cleaning products. No more soaking and scrubbing to remove scale and soapscum. The water feels so silky in the shower and the bath, again using less of bath and shower gel products. Most of our cooking pans teapots and kettles look as they did when new. Even the washing looks cleaner!
All in all, one of the best items we have ever bought for our house, and ourselves! ”


10/09/2015 Ard123 –

“A very positive experience Dealing with Capital Softeners, the representative that I met with was very informative and explained the various options clearly and gained my confidence from the offset. We were recommended the Minimax M2 – not the most expensive option – and we’re happy with it. Have really noticed the difference on the shower screen which doesn’t get as watermarked as previously. Capital also installed a drinking water filter tap onto the granite worktop, again happy with this product. Installation took a couple of hours, including crawling under the floorboards to install the necessary pipe work; they were also flexible with arranging to meet with our builders who were installing a new water system at the time. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family.”

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