Health Benefits of Soft Water

Water softeners are said to have a range of health benefits, particularly when it comes to skin conditions that are exacerbated by impurities in water or chlorine. Some of our suppliers, including Harvey and Kinetico, have taken part in studies that show how water softeners can help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Soft Water and Eczema

A study was conducted with 350 families in the UK to see how water softeners can help children with eczema – 29 were given a water softener for 12 weeks, and were asked to respond to questions on a monthly basis to measure the improvements. 91% of the children surveyed reported less itchiness when using softened water. 83% of parents said that the water softener had reduced the severity of their child’s eczema, and 67% of the participants were using less emollients or steroid creams.

Most tellingly, at the end of the study 66% of the families decided to buy a water softener for their home.

Hard water households are also more prone to eczema than those with soft water; a study by the University of Nottingham showened that eczema is actually 44% more common in primary school children who live in hard water areas than those who lived in areas with soft water. Adding a water softener to your home could remove a trigger or a cause entirely.

Soft Water and Psoriasis

As with eczema, hard water and scum can aggravate psoriasis, especially in areas where the water contains high levels of chalk, limescale, or calcium. While fewer conclusive studies have shown improvements, many customers buy water softeners and see a marked decrease in flair ups of psoriasis.


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