Choosing the Right Water Softener

Finding the perfect water softener for your home is easy – we provide a free site survey to help you choose the right model for you.

In a Small House

Block salt water softeners are the smallest on the market and can fit into most kitchens, but can be installed in a variety of locations including in utility rooms, on a shelf, or even outside in a frost-proof cabinet. These water softeners do not require electrical power and will provide soft water for 1-10 people.

In a Larger House

If space is not a problem, there are a number of water softeners that can cope with multiple bathrooms and larger homes with multiple occupants. These units typically use tablet salt which you can buy in 10-25kg bags. The size of the unit will depend on how many people are in the household.

Single and Twin Cylinder Water Softeners

Our range of water softeners includes single and twin cylinders, depending on your needs.

Single cylinder water softeners regenerate at 2am to ensure that you have soft water at peak times. They are available in both mains and battery-powered models and require table salt. The size depends on the number of people at the property. These water softeners come with a 3 year parts guarantee and a 1 year labour guarantee.

Twin cylinder models are meter controlled and regenerate on demand (which takes around 10 minutes) so that you have an uninterrupted supply of soft water. These water softeners use block salt which comes in 8kg packs. These water softeners come with at least a 2 year guarantee, while some have 10 year guarantees.

Expert Advice

We provide free, no-obligation site surveys to discuss which water softener would be best for your home. We would find the best place to install your water softener and provide a quotation so that you can make an informed decision.

In addition to house size, we look at the position of incoming water and mains stop cocks, the type of plumbing system (gravity-fed or mains-fed), the required flow rate, and your preferred way of loading the unit with salt.


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